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Sex: Male
Age: 47
Location: Sedona, Arizona (previously San Diego, CA)
How long have you been on LiveJournal? since 2000
What do you/will you write about? My life, job, kid, friends, music, memories
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? usually DIY-Minded, compassion, not a Trumpkin
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them?  pro trump posts, bigotry, or too 'normal', overly religious
Favourite films or TV shows: Dexter, Star Wars, Crime docs, Law & Order, Criminal Minds,
Favourite books: music biographies
Favourite foods: Mexican and italian
Favourite drinks: coffee and rootbeer
Favourite bands and musicians: Bad Religion, Rise Against, The Distillers, Op Ivy, The Smiths, Killing Joke...  Punk and Post Punk are my go-to, but I do like vietnam era classic rock, folk rock, celtic punk, alt county, goth, and indie.
Hobbies and pastimes: playing guitar, collecting records, crafting, camping
How would you describe your style? geezer punk..  jeans and tees mostly
Anything else you'd like to tell us? I love the idea of dating and socializing, but both terrify me. I recently left the big city for a small town.   I use LJ fairly regularly.  I would love to meet more people on here and befriend some like-minded folks. 
Boris - welcome


Name: Jess
Age: 36 (how did this happen??)
Sex: Female
Location: NYC
How long have you been on LiveJournal? On and off since 2001 I think. Pretty consistently for at least 10 years.
What do you/will you write about? My life and what happens in it
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Kindness is good. I'm not a fan of random "friend cuts" and I'm fairly rejection sensitive. Understanding of different viewpoints.
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Insults. Polarizing viewpoints that I can't relate to. I will never delete someone out of boredom. That's rude.
Favourite films or TV shows: Dark, House, Frasier, The Sinner, Stranger Things, Taxi, The Goodies. I'm terrible with favorite films.
Favourite books: HHGTTG, Discworld, William Kent Krueger books, Thomas Hardy, Stephen King
Favourite foods: Spicy foods, sour candy, pizza, plant based meat, onion soup. If it's not bland or some weird animal product, I'll probably eat it. I don't eat: fish, eggs, faces/organs/etc, tomatoes unless chopped/sauced, yellow squash.
Favourite drinks: Diet 7Up, Diet Dr. Pepper, Monster Ultra, Gatorade Zero, C4 energy, coffee, Bailey's, Kahlua, Limoncello.
Favourite bands and musicians: Fleetwood Mac/Lindsey Buckingham, The Strokes, Mumford & Sons, the Eagles, Matchbox 20, classic rock, new wave, 50s-60s-70s-80s-some 90s-some 00s, bluegrass!, country, some pop. Music is my favorite thing in the world.
Hobbies and pastimes: Music, birdwatching, hiking, reading, singing.
How would you describe your style? Jeans and T-shirts.
Anything else you'd like to tell us? I'm an attorney, a diabetic, and a social phobic. Fun combination!

LiveJournal communities

I never go anywhere without a camera, and since 2003 when I bought my first digital one, I have taken many thousands of photos. I have uploaded almost all of these to the LiveJournal Scrapbook and posted them in my journal; however, as my journal is viewable by friends only, I have also been posting my photos in various LiveJournal communities so that they may be seen by others who may be interested. Many - perhaps most - of the communities on LiveJournal now appear to be moribund, but they used to provide an excellent way to find people with shared interests. I therefore thought it might be useful if anyone who maintains a LiveJournal community of their own or contributes to others could give them a mention here.

I maintain and contribute regularly to the following communities:New members and contributors are most welcome!

I have also been contributing regularly to the following communities:If anyone reading this has a particular interest or takes photos of a particular subject, perhaps you'd like to set up a community of your own?

A useful addition?

Those of you who used to have a profile on MySpace will undoubtedly remember what an absolute dog's dinner that site was; riddled with coding-errors and malfunctions due to its trying to be all things to all people, and idiotic users doing stupid things such as posting multiple music-players and videos on their profile pages, all set to play by default. However, as a networking site for bands and music-lovers, I don't think MySpace has ever been bettered. It combined a large user-base with the ability for bands and their fans to post readily-playable music on their profiles. While currently-existing web-sites such as Bandcamp and ReverbNation provide this facility, they lack the social-networking element which allows bands to promote their music to a wide audience, and for that audience to easily locate and play music that interests them.

I played in a band, Sad Society, from 2007 to 2009, when MySpace was at its most popular. I set up a MySpace page with music-player for the band, and within two or three months we'd acquired over 20,000 followers, largely on the strength of the band's music. Very few of those followers would have been aware of the band if it hadn't been for the opportunity presented by MySpace to promote it. Unfortunately, MySpace was soon taken over by a multi-national media corporation (Rupert Murdoch, IIRC) which, in attempting to eliminate the coding-errors and malfunctions, also did away with the user-customisation features which made the site attractive and useful to most users, causing its popularity to plummet catastrophically. It still exists, but is now of little use to either ordinary users or to bands.

This is a screen-shot of Sad Society's music-player on ReverbNation, which is similar to the music-player on their old MySpace profile page, except that the MySpace version allowed for six tracks to be posted. It occurred to me some time ago that if LiveJournal was to introduce a similar music-player which could be posted on user-profiles, it would combine one of the most useful features of MySpace with a social-networking site which, unlike MySpace, is malfuction-free and has a clear, simple layout, yet is user-customisable. Bands could create LiveJournal profiles and use this site to engage with fans and promote their music to a wider audience. It might be just the thing to boost LiveJournal's membership, interaction and general usefulness. Could LiveJournal be prevailed upon to introduce a music-player? I'd be interested to know if anyone thinks this would be a useful feature, or if they would regard it as a distraction or unnecessary complication.

Poll #2106032 LiveJournal music-player

Would a music-player be a useful feature on LiveJournal?


Nemi on Facebook

This is an enlargement of a scan of the original dotty newsprint cartoon, so it's not a top-quality reproduction, but this Nemi strip from The Metro free newspaper of 3rd September, 2012, identifies one of the key problems with Facebook. I think it deserves a permanent home on this community's profile page!

Greetings and Salutations

Hey guys! Like a lot of you, I'm making my way back to LJ for a lot of different reasons. I dropped my FB years ago... it's a cesspool. And I need the outlet/refuge that LJ has always provided for me.

So... I'd love to make some new friends along the way!  So, if anybody's still out there, read on and if you're interested, feel free to add me!

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For those of you with mobile phones

I gather that one of the reasons for LiveJournal's decline in popularity has been that it didn't have a satisfactory user-interface for mobile phone users. I noticed on the LJ Home page yesterday that they've introduced a new mobile app for LJ: see New LiveJournal app for iOS and Android is available now! Not having a mobile phone myself, I don't know how much of an improvement the new app will be compared to the old version, but I thought it might be of interest to those of you who do have mobile phones. If any of you have tried it, I'd be interested to know your verdict on it.

One Woman's Slow Descent Into Madness

Name: Let's just go with WCR for now

Age: 57 (but with the maturity of a 12-year old)

Sex: cis-woman, she/her

Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

How long have you been on LiveJournal? Started in 1999, left in 2010, and just came back, so... a couple of days?

What do you/will you write about? Day to day stuff, photos of my garden, bread porn, (seriously, I make some insane sourdough bread) hikes, races and dance performances when we get back to being able to do that sort of thing, etc... I leave the hard-hitting topics to my regular blog or Twitter. Due to the nature of my job, I don't have the luxury of a public opinion on partisan politics or administrative policy, so I'll spare you that. 

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? honest, supportive, funny, creative, dose or talks about interesting things, not into creating unnecessary drama.

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, general mean, nasty jerk behavior.

Favourite films or TV shows: I just binged Sex Education. I highly recommend it. 

Favourite books: I read to unwind before bed; I used to be a big mystery fan, but life is really intense right now, so I like books with elves, dragons, fae and such.

Favourite foods: Mexican food, wild-caught salmon (note location in the Pacific Northwest), asparagus fresh from the garden, pasta with a nice spicy marinara.

Favourite drinks: Coffee (note location in the Pacific Northwest), British tea, a nice amber ale (no overly hopped IPAs), pomegranate martinis and cheap champagne.

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Name: Christine
Age: 50
Sex: cis-woman, she/her
Location: Portland OR
How long have you been on LiveJournal? A week since my best friend invited me back and told me of the revival. Used to have one 15+ years ago, but it was long-since deleted.
What do you/will you write about? Probably many things, including daily life, psychology, mental illness & psychiatric injuries, eating disorders, politics (very progressive), sexual violence and recovery, trauma & loss, tv shows/movies, theatre, relationship dynamics, animal advocacy & vegetarianism, and more.
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? kind, supportive, honest, progressive, loves animals, open
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Bigotry. Rape Apologia. Victim Blaming. Conservative Agenda. Trump Supporter (or supporter of any rapist, really).
Favourite films or TV shows: The Whedonverse, Bates Motel, The Librarians, Scotland PA, Memento, Se7en, Love Actually, Marvel Universe, anything with Fred Astaire
Favourite books: Harry Potter, Animal Farm, Ishmael, Handmaid's Tale, Harry Dresden series, The Hunger Games, among others
Favourite foods: not terribly picky if it's vegetarian and I can tolerate it, which is far more limiting than I like to admit!
Favourite drinks: I mostly drink water, but I also love decaf coffee, almond milk mochas, & dirty vodka martini
Favourite bands and musicians: I don't listen to much music anymore. When I do, it's usually classical, especially Beethoven & Bach. I also love upbeat alternative dance music, which I walk to, as well as retro 80s like Erasure and Duran Duran.
Hobbies and pastimes: writing (11 published books, working on the 12th, a memoir), watercolor painting, binge-watching Netflix
How would you describe your style? Very casual. Usually leggings and a tunic or t-shirt with Doc Martens. I do like to dress up for the theatre.
Anything else you'd like to tell us? I've been a vegetarian for nearly 30 years. I adore musicals. London is the City of my Soul, and I know I belong in the UK! But Portland is the best place to be in this country. I love to go kayaking and snowshoeing. I travel a lot. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.