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Hi, I’m Jack. I watch a lot of PBS documentaries and read constantly when not parenting or working. I was raised a rust belt 90s kid and transplanted to the desert southwest. Lots of things have happened since the last time I had a livejournal account so I’m not entirely sure how this is going to go.

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Name: Jax

Age: 40

Sex: no thanks

Location: NH, US

How long have you been on LiveJournal? Since 2001

What do you/will you write about? LJ has always been stream-of-consciousness writing, venting, and just general therapy for me. I've just come back after being away since 2010. Not sure how much I'll be posting, but I'm hoping to put out at least a few a month.

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Similar interests to start, but a personality to back it up is necessary. If you can't string a sentence together (in text, verbal communication has never been my strong suit) we're not going to get far. I need my friends to be intelligent, sarcastic, dark, occasionally goofy, and kind.

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Being an asshole. "Assholes" include: racists, classists, misogynists/misandrists, people who are rude to anyone in a customer service position, people who pity those of us who have chosen not to procreate, extreme activists, and anyone with no sense of humor.

Favourite films or TV shows: This changes month to month, but my forever favorites are The Crow, Ghost World, The X-Files, and Mad Men.

Favourite books: American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Perfume by Patrick Suskind, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.

Favourite foods: soup, pretty much anything Mexican, and mac n cheese.

Favourite drinks: wine, cider, rum (the tiki-er the better), chai, and earl grey tea.

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Instagram plummets towards the abyss

I never liked Instagram much, but I joined it and have stuck with it for several years because I didn't want to lose touch with various old friends after I jettisoned Facebook. But I've found Instagram increasingly annoying recently: the posts no longer appear in chronological order but in a random, constantly-changing jumble (as on Facebook), more and more adverts have been appearing, and there are more and more recommendations to add people. It's impossible to make friends on Instagram as there's no meaningful communication and people are only interested in what you look like, not who you are.

A couple of days ago I reported in my own journal that I'd logged-in to my Instagram account for the first time in a few days and had found that it was displaying only five posts from people I follow on there, and everything else on my home page was either adverts or recommendations that I add people whom I don't know. I'd logged-in again a minute-or-two before I'd written my post, and the situation was even worse: now there were only two posts from people I follow, and everything else was adverts. I thought this might have been due to some temporary technical glitch, but nothing has changed during the past few days. It appears that Instagram has implemented a format whereby the site is primarily advertising-focused, and it is actively hiding our friends' posts and forcing us to click a 'View older posts' button in order to see them.

2022-10-13-001 983 x 1342

What fucking use is that?

I note too that the user-recommendation page now has a list of subjects at the top, evidently intended to direct users to whatever Instagram deems we should be interested in, and no doubt dictated by the demands of advertisers. Yet more manipulation and control. Is Zuckerburg deliberately trying to wreck Instagram and force people to leave it, or is this simply the result of rampant, shameless corporate greed? At this point I'm about 98% on the way towards deleting my account as it no longer serves any useful purpose. The one thing that's stopping me from doing so is that Instagram is my only point of contact with a number of longstanding friends, including some with whom I've kept in contact since LiveJournal's heyday. Nevertheless, I should delete it. The time has obviously come, and it deserves to die. Perhaps I'll take the opportunity to send one last message to all my Instagram contacts before I do so, pleading with them to come back to LiveJournal.

Is it just me? Am I the only person who is unwilling to tolerate this ever-increasing manipulation?
People think I'm boring

Hello there. It's me.

Name: Jeni
Age: 38
Sex: female
Location: Germany

How long have you been on LiveJournal? Since 2003, I think. I used to be very active, but as my social skills and my mental health got better I posted less and less. I have been on year-long breaks, but I won't give up on my journal. I've had it for half of my life.

What do you/will you write about? Nowadays I write about daily stuff, what I'm doing, my pets, crafts, everything that comes to my mind. Since English isn't my first language my posts may seem simple, at least that's my opinion. Sometimes I can't express what I'm feeling about a particular topic, so I just leave it.

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? I'm looking for people I can build a relationship with. I miss having close online friends like back in the day. I want you to be get a glimpse into my life, into my thoughts and vice versa. 'd love to communicate with you, commenting on each other's posts. (No must though, sometmes there's nothing to say, and that's totally fine.) I'm looking for someone I can vibe with, maybe similar interests. I don't care about age, location, orientation and such
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? The typical stuff, no racists, no hate, no intolerance. Something that also turns me off is being overly religious. Mind you, I'm the most religious person in my family, but it's still so weird to me to interact with devoted religious people. Don't get me wrong, you can believe in whatever you want, I don't care what religion you belong to, I just don't want to read about too much religious topics. Also, I'm not very interested in politics.

Favourite films or TV shows: Okay, I won't list everything, it would be way too much. Just some favorites: Disney, Studio Ghibli, Stranger Things, Heartstopper, Witcher, American Horror Story, The Terror, Kingdom Hospital, Rocky Horror and many many more.

Favourite books: Everything Stephen King and Terry Pratchett, Call me by your name, Chase the moon, Eon/Eona, Room, The Terror (yes, the book and the series) and more.

Favourite foods: My partner's homemade pizza (he's the Yeast Master), chocolate, cherries, melons, indian foods, bolognese, burgers.

Favourite drinks: Hot chocolate, banana milk, Coke, tea, coffee.

Favourite bands and musicians: Oh dear... There are a LOT. In case you're interested, I have a random songs from my playlist playlist as well as a playlist containing songs I just discovered and liked.

Hobbies and pastimes: I have so many hobbies that change from time to time. Like, I knit like crazy for a couple of weeks, then I focus on yarn spinning, then it's writing and so on. I do all kinds of crafts, knitting, chrocheting, sewing, cross stitching, spinning. I also love to read, but I don't do it that often anymore. I like video games, I write RPG, I play D&D, I like to cook and bake. I play a few instruments (not very good, I must say, self taught as an adult). I participate in NaNoWriMo every year. Then there are times I just sit on the couch all day long and watch Youtube videos. Or I binge a show in one week.

How would you describe your style? My style? Hm... I'm part hippy, part goth, a bit girly, I don't exactly know where I fit.

Anything else you'd like to tell us? I'm very easy-going, understanding and open-minded, I'd say. I have a big heart for animals and artsy stuff. I suffer from mental health problems, so this might be mentioned every now and then in my journal. I don't mind reading about other people's struggles regarding their mental health. I'd love to meet some new peoples I can develop a friendship with. ^^
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Adverts on Instagram

Is it just me, or is everyone else's Instagram feed suddenly full of adverts? I was already so bored with all the pointless garbage on that site that I was on the point of deleting it, and I think this will be the final straw. Does anyone ever actually look at the adverts and think, 'Oh, I must buy that'? Or do they, like me, just find them thoroughly annoying?

Why is everyone so willing to persist with these garbage social-media sites? LiveJournal is so much better!


Name: Ashley


Sex: Female

Location: Kansas

How long have you been on LJ? On and off for several years, but finally back full time in the last couple of weeks.

What do you/will you write about? Life in general, day to day living, kids, husband, mental health and other random things.

Qualities I look for in a friend? Honesty first and foremost. Prefer female friends. Goofy, understanding and a little nerdy are pluses!

What could cause me not add or to delete a friend? Anyone that hates. I mean I get disliking people or maybe even their way of living, but my biggest thing is "Why can't we be friends", life is too short to hate on people for being who they are.

Fave movies/tv shows: Lord of the Rings, Sleepless in Seattle, Stranger Things, The Mandolorian, The Office, Greys Anatomy

Fave books: Mostly fantasy, self-help and Stephen King.

Fave foods: Tomatos, chinese food, pickles

Fave drinks: Iced coffee, sweet tea, coke

Fave bands/Music; Shinedown. Really my music taste is bipolar. I love a little bit of everything.

Hobbies/past-times: Reading, writing, sewing, painting, nature, animals

Additional info: I am quite a random person. I am a Christian (Though lost) and have no political affiliation and I do NOT push my beliefs down anyone's throats and expect the same in return.  I do suffer from mental health and may have good days and bad days. 


Seeking Kindred Spirits

Name: Iris
Age: 35, but my mental age is more like 25
Sex: F
Location: Canada
How long have you been on LiveJournal? Nearly 20 years.
What do you/will you write about? My journal entries tend to be reflective and deeply personal rather than a simple chronicle of everything I did from day to day. I may discuss my interests, interpersonal relationships, goals, struggles, feelings and such. I like to use my journal as a vehicle for self-exploration and growth. I don't update too frequently, but I always put thought and effort into what I write, I keep up with my feed and am a present friend to those that I click with.
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? I have a soft spot for free spirits, deep thinkers, dreamers, misfits, writers, poets, and radicals (I have anarchist leanings myself), but anyone who thinks we'd get along is welcome.
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? People who don't interact or who talk a great deal about their kids, as parenting isn't something I have much interest in, sorry!
Hobbies and pastimes: Reading, listening to music, watching films, hiking, going on adventures.
Anything else you'd like to tell us? I have a history of mental health issues, so be forewarned that I have a mildly melancholy disposition. I'm also a functional hermit, but enjoy meeting people when energy allows and value my online friends just as much as I would IRL ones.

In any case, I look forward to meeting you!

Hey there!

Name: Anne
Age: 48          
Sex: Woman
Location: Florida
How long have you been on LiveJournal? Off and on since 2007
What do you/will you write about? Everyday this and that.  I’m a big fan of Tarot and Oracle cards, so I’ll be trying my hand at readings as well 😊 Plan on doing a daily Tarot and Oracle card reading.
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Looking for kindred spirits!  Prefer those closer to my own age (just cause I think we’d have more in common) but it’s certainly not a dealbreaker if you’re not.  Other Tarot and Oracle card geeks welcome.  We don’t have to agree on everything, just so long as we ‘click.’
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them?  If, judging by their profile / about me post I feel we wouldn’t be a good match, or if I’ve added them and, after a while it’s clear we’re not really connecting.
Favourite films or TV shows: MST3K, Rifftrax, 70s sitcoms (All in the Family, Good Times, Welcome Back Kotter, What’s Happening, Maude), PreCode Movies, Silent Films, Grindhouse, B movies from the 50s – 70s, classic horror like Universal and Hammer Films.
Favourite books:  I read a lot of ‘woo woo’ like Sonia Choquette, Sanaya Roman, Shakti Gawain, Jane Roberts, D.J. Conway, Al Manning, Carlos Castaneda, Silver Ravenwolf, Mary Summer Rain, etc.  Also love vintage paperbacks, particularly gothic suspense / mystery / horror like Dorothy Eden, Alice Brennan, Dorothy Daniels, Paula Minton, Clarissa Ross, etc.  Also How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne (I don’t agree with everything he says, but what I do has been quite helpful).  Also love Cathy Guisewite and Bill Watterson 😊 And Anne of Green Gables!  Anything by Lucy Maud Montgomery and Betty Smith.
Favourite foods: Where to begin?  My boyfriend is a retired chef! 😊 I love homey, house-wifey dishes (like old school casseroles, though not diet-friendly, lol) as well as the more fancy-schmancy cuisines.
Favourite drinks: Roobios Tea and other herbal teas.  Love Cuban coffee / café con leche, though these are indulged rarely because of the caffeine.
Favourite bands and musicians:  60s psychedelic, groovy 70s, new wave and goth 80s; classical, particularly Baroque era, but also love Erik Satie, Anton Bruckner, Claude De Bussey.
Hobbies and pastimes: Flea markets, estate and yard sales, used bookstores (so shopping, lol), knitting, writing, reading, puzzling.  Also enjoy old time radio shows, especially horror like Quiet Please, Lights Out, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Dark Fantasy, Hall of Fantasy, Suspense, etc.
How would you describe your style? Pfft, what style? XD Just basic jeans and Tshirt or blouse – my preferred style is pretty much like the Sonoma line from Kohls (although I no longer shop there, as their customer service stinks).  Just something simple.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?  That’s about it :p
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Sheesh it took me so long to fill this out that I've already added some new friends and feel pretty content, BUT! I will share it here now on principle anyway 😬.

If you think we will jive, please let me know. 🤙 Even if you're seeing this months after I posted it or something!

Teneisha, but most people use Tee.



California, USA.

How long have you been on LiveJournal?
Decades total, but I've been back to consistent use in this journal now since July 2021.

What do you/will you write about?
I wordvomit about daily life; what did I accomplish, what am I planning to do, what is stressing me out, that sort of thing. It is therapeutic!

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend?
Introspective, honest, present, with some silliness.

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them?
If I can't understand their writing, or their ideology/mannerisms are too aggressive? And if they're someone I know in real life who I may have written about beeeecause that's embarrassing 🙃

Favourite films or TV shows:
Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Dear Zachary, Lord of the Rings, Little Miss Sunshine, Requiem for a Dream, Across the Universe, Party Monster, The Green Mile; Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Nature, Degrassi: TNG, This Is Us (season 1 specifically...), Home Movies, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, Death Note, ER. I really like thrillers and true crime as well, but I wouldn't call any of those my Favorites, more just enjoyable filler.

Favourite books:
Harry Potter series, Animal Farm, Why Does He Do That?, The Plague Dogs, To Kill A Mockingbird, Stick Figure, His Dark Materials, Lullaby.

Favourite foods:
YOU ARE WELCOME. (I am not a vegetarian, but this is hands down my favorite meal for the last six years since I discovered it.)
In general, I love pasta.

Favourite drinks:
I mostly drink water, and sometimes almond milk at dinner. But my favorites are probably the bing cherry Bai, my family restaurant's carob shake, and good ole apple juice.

Favourite bands and musicians:
Son House, Bessie Smith, The Beatles, Bright Eyes, alt-j, Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers, Lil Dicky, The Lonely Island, Tenacious D, Die Antwoord, Parov Stelar, Lin-Manuel Miranda...

Hobbies and pastimes:
Nature-walking, list-making, tidying, learning animal facts 🤓

How would you describe your style?
Clothing style? I spent my formative years in baggy black t-shirts and heavy eyeliner, and I am still into that but as I have aged I am drawn in a more "practical" bohemian direction.
However, I rarely buy new (used) clothes for myself, I am *constantly* overheated, and my postpartum body doesn't fit anything good presently, so I simply wear the same few nursing cami tops with a pair of my fiancé's drawstring shorts or my recently acquired thrift shop high-water jeans haha... I am in a weight loss pursuit, and look forward to rewarding myself with some properly fitting items at benchmark weight(s).

Anything else you'd like to tell us?
Um. I swear, I have mental health struggles for which I regularly see a therapist, I have children, my grandmother who raised me will likely be killed by her cancers sooner than later, and I frequently interact with roadkill which recently included a picture (attempted rescue of pinkie opossums from dead mama's pouch). Any of these things could be dealbreakers for you and deserve a fair warning 🤷‍♀️.
Gothic Girl

Hi 😎

Name:I go by Ophelia.

Age: Queen (41).

Sex: Female.

Location: Mississippi USA.

How long have you been on LiveJournal?
New journal but was previously on LJ from 2002-2014. Can't find my login info for my other accounts so made a new journsl.

What do you/will you write about?
Everyday kinda stuff.
A lot of Everyday is Halloween type stuff. Horror and Goth stuff.
No political post.

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend?
Common interests.
Prefer other females as pals, but males are cool, too.
Be cool to meet people into Goth, Metal, and HorrorPunk lifestyles.
People into Fantasy stuff like unicorns and fairies.

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them?
Rude, spam, nothing in common. Just trying to sell stuff. Asking for money.
Only post political stuff.
No pedophiles.
No animal abusers.

Favourite films or TV shows:
The Return of the Living Dead.
A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Night of the Demons.

What We Do In The Shadows.
Freddy's Nightmares.
American Horror Story.
- Seasons 5,4,9,1,6,3,2,8,10,7.

Favourite books:
Transylvania 90210.
Camp Vamp.

Favourite foods:
Tacos. 🌮
Peanut Butter Cups.
Pizza. 🍕

Favourite drinks:
Strawberry Milk.
Hot Chocolate.

Favourite bands and musicians:
Type O Negative.
Stevie Nicks.
The Cramps.

Hobbies and pastimes:
Alternative Modeling.
Arts and Crafts.

How would you describe your style?
Mix of Goth, Metalhead, HorrorPunk, Rockabilly, and Fantasy.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?
I'm a student and fairly busy so if you message it might take a few days for a response.
Cute Bulba


Name: B or Bee
Age: 30's
Sex: Female
How long have you been on LiveJournal? More than I have fingers to count them on. Toes not included, though. Though it is indeed getting somewhat close to 20 years.
What do you/will you write about? Life, thoughts, feelings, hobbies, and maybe reviews for new foods/drinks I try, shows, games, youtubers, or podcasts that I'm enjoying. Spoilers would be cut, by the way. A few posts may have all of these in them, but I mostly like to keep my posts on a single subject. That's intended to help both the reader and to help my attention span. Sometimes if a sudden realization comes to mind, I'll write about it, even if it's completely from left field and not related to anything. The current topic on my mind is trying to figure out how to buy a new vacuum. Our current one sucks, but not in the good way. This is what I mean by left field and the random things I write about. I will also write about my journey to lose weight.
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Outside of being respectful and friendly, those who want to converse!
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? If I find out that the person is very mean or belittling others, that's one thing that would cause me to delete someone. I'm an easygoing person and all I really want to do is live in peace so drama directed at me isn't something I want. That said, if there's an issue in your life that you're writing about, I'm okay with reading about it and leaving a comment to try and help. I don't want that to be confused.
Favourite films or TV shows: Midsomer Murders, Star Trek (TNG/DS9/Voyager), Star Trek movies. Various retro 90's shows, such as Fact or Fiction, Mythbusters, etc. I do like some crime tv, like SVU and Blue Bloods, but I don't often watch them.
Favourite books: Dean Koontz books. I want to read more so recommendations are welcome!
Favourite foods: Shrimp fried rice, cannolis, pizza, and french fries. How could I forget Reese's?
Favourite drinks: Dr. Pepper, various teas, flavored water, irish cream coffee, and mudslides. I love Bang energy drinks but I drink them slowly and I only limit myself to half a can. I save the rest for the next day.
Favourite music: I enjoy various subgenre of metal, rock, and edm. On days where I'm feeling more low-energy, I'll turn on acoustic and piano versions of songs I know. That or things like Train, Rob Thomas, and John Mayer. I also have a huge love for soft piano.
Hobbies and pastimes: A favorite pastime is definitely getting to know my husband back when we were first dating. Also spending time with my best friend that's very sadly not of this world any more. As for hobbies, I enjoy creative writing, cooking, talking walks, drawing cartoon-like animals and insects -oddly specific, I know- and sewing.
How would you describe your style? Quite basic. I own a lot of gray, black and navy, but I also love floral and tropical prints too. Leggings are a go to whenever we leave the house. I love matching themes and colors, such as sunflower prints with sunflower earrings/necklace combos, but I like to keep it simple. I don't follow fashion, but I do respect it! I do my own thing. My hair often goes up in a clip or scrunchie.
Anything else you'd like to tell us? I ramble sometimes on certains subjects, but not paragraph upon paragraph. I'm a housewife that's on the journey to become self-employed. I make handmade things to sell, but I do work a flexible schedule at a warehouse, as well. I'm an INFP-T and it shows! I don't know though, maybe it does? My life isn't all that eventful and my husband and I live pretty simple lives. I love to travel outside of town to shop a little, eat at new places -or tried and true places- and see new and interesting sites in this world. Otherwise, we play video games together a lot and he sometimes helps me with my sewing projects. Otherwise, not too much else to say! I'm open-minded about things and supportive of the LGBT+ community. I just got into listening to podcast within the last 2 years so I've been enjoying that while I clean, sewing or when I'm at work. So feel free to add! All I ask is that you leave a comment saying that you are c:
lots of meow meows

Adding More Friends :)

Name: Amanda
Age: 35
Sex: Female
Location: Canada
How long have you been on LiveJournal? 2003-2017 was my most active time, and I just started this new journal for a fresh change.
What do you/will you write about? My daily going-ons; my two boys; my partner <3; work; fandoms; but mostly my thoughts and emotions of what's going on
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? People who are kind, accepting, encouraging and supportive.
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Someone who is racist, homophobic or tries to guilt-me into believing a particular faith system.
Favourite films or TV shows: Medical Dramas (ER, Grey's Anatomy); Crime Shows (Evil Lives Here, Fear Thy Neighbour, It Takes a Killer); Food Shows (Hell's Kitchen, Chopped, Masterchef); Various movies that my partner and I watch for our movie review podcast.
Favourite books: Psychological thrillers; classics
Favourite foods: Steak, mac and cheese, chocolate, french fries
Favourite drinks: Coffee, tea, chocolate milk
Favourite bands and musicians: Backstreet Boys; 80s rock/pop; 90s pop; early 2000s
Hobbies and pastimes: Curling, cross-stitching, reading, podcasting, cooking, parenting, and cats!
How would you describe your style? Low-key, casual, with some moments of elegance
Anything else you'd like to tell us? Feel free to add me and leave a comment on my Friends Only page :)

Looking for LJ friends

Name: Barbara

Age: 46

Sex: Female

Location: London, United Kingdom

How long have you been on LiveJournal?: Currently, about a week. My new journal is bare bone ATM, but I am filling out my profile, interests etc as I go along and as inspiration strikes.

What do you/will you write about? My various interests and anything that captures my attention in daily life. I've kind of touched upon this in one of my journal posts, so I hate to repeat myself here.

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend?: Kindness and depth. A sense of (dark) humour is always a plus!

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Aggressive, jarring personality.

Favourite films or TV shows: How long have you got? haha OK, let's say...."Blade Runner".

Favourite books: "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier

Favourite foods: Plain rice and vegetables is all I seem to crave lately. Which is very unlike me. Those who know me, know I love my food. Continental rather than British, with generous helpings of American candy.

Favourite drinks: Wine, gin, gin, wine.

Favourite bands and musicians: Let's just go by genres and say baroque, classical, jazz, electronica, synth wave.

Hobbies and pastimes: Movies, reading, baking, gaming, visiting historic properties.

How would you describe your style? My own take on vintage.

Anything else you'd like to tell us? Introverted and judging by my answers here, not very talkative? haha That depends on who I'm with though.
I'd love to make a few new friends here. Let me get inside your mind for a change. My own is full of incessant chatter I need an escape from every so often.

Let's keep this going!

Is it just me, or is it getting busier around here? I suspect that people have finally decided they've had enough of Facebook's manipulation and censorship and they're returning to the place where true, lasting friendships are made and there's meaningful communication, no stupid algorithms and no censorship. A couple of weeks ago, my friends-page was entirely blank. Now, there are 25 posts on it! Is anyone else noticing the welcome increase in activity?

If there's anything we can do to keep this going, such as persuading old LiveJournal friends to return and join us, let's do it!

Meaningful connections

Name: Derek
Age: 38
Sex: M
Location: USA, NY
How long have you been on LiveJournal? On and off for about 20 years.
What do you/will you write about? Relationships, intimacy, nerdy stuff, some politics/current events
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Good communication, sharing of some interests
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? A lot of bigotry (sexism, racism, anti-trans, etc)
Favourite films or TV shows: Breaking Bad, Dumb and Dumber, Lion King, Aladdin, Office Space, Nightmare on Elm Street, Stranger Things
Favourite books: None come to mind
Favourite foods: I'm vegetarian — most international foods. Mexican, Thai, Indian, etc
Favourite drinks: Water and tea.
Favourite bands and musicians: A lot of alternative, punk and metal from the 90s and early 2000s — Linkin Park, Green Day, Anti-Flag, Nirvana, Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon
Hobbies and pastimes: Retro gaming (NES/SNES mainly), guitar, horror movies
How would you describe your style? Super casual and comfy unless a special occasion or going out with people.
Anything else you'd like to tell us? The thing I miss the most about LiveJournal is having meaningful connections and feeling free to share whatever is on my mind. Looking forward to connecting with new people here.

hanging moon and stars

*waves hello*

Name: Amber
Age: almost 37
Sex: Female
Location: Northwest Indiana, about an hour from Chicago
How long have you been on LiveJournal? My original was from February of 2004 (xtangledechox), but I moved to this one in 2010.
What do you/will you write about? I tend to treat LJ as a place to talk about my family, my fears, and life in general. I do discuss my faith (but I'm not preachy, and never will be, and a lot of my friends do not believe as I do), my health issues, and complain frequently. I also cuss a lot haha.
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Kind, smart, funny, not racist/homophobic/transphobic/sexist/hateful. Generally someone who is a good person, with some common interests (although not required).
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? If they are racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, hateful, or just an awful human being.
Favourite films or TV shows: Oh so many! Bob's Burgers, Roseanne, Daria, Community, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Better Call Saul, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the Harry Potter movies, LOTR, Twilight (judge away!), Meet Me in St. Louis, 10 Things I Hate About You, and just so many more.
Favourite books: Harry Potter, Keepers of the Ring series, Demon Cycle series, A Wrinkle in Time, and pretty much any and all historical fiction or fantasy.
Favourite foods: All of them? I love Mexican food, and I love cheese. I also love fresh veggies straight from the garden.
Favourite drinks: I love seltzer water, plain water, water with lemon, Stiegl Radler, Diet Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero, tea (iced or hot).
Favourite bands and musicians: twenty one pilots, Hanson, The Beatles, Coheed & Cambria, Francesca Batistelli, The Killers, Dave Matthews Band, Kings Kaleidoscope, Fiona Apple, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Incubus....okay, I love music in general (but not country).
Hobbies and pastimes: Once upon a time I made subpar jewelry. When we moved, that ended up in the basement and I haven't gone back to it. One day? I also crochet, and plan to attempt knitting. I love to cook, and have recently started to get really into baking breads and whatnot. I also spend a lot of time reading. In my dreams, I'm a writer.
How would you describe your style? Unkempt haha. I wear leggings and cami tanks, and shirts. Lot of flip flops, Crocs (I KNOW, but my feet hurt and they help), Chucks, and almost everything is black. I prefer to be comfortable, so nothing is too tight or too short. In the summer I'm mainly in bike shorts and flowy tank tops (or the pool). I love makeup, and have a ton, but I rarely do mine anymore. I have about 3 strands of hair, and it's naturally curly, but I tend to just braid it at night and wear it up in the day.
Anything else you'd like to tell us? I love to garden, and write about that. I am also into food preservation, so there's a bit of that, too. People tell me I have Granny hobbies/interests, and I'm okay with that. My husband and I are in the process of adopting an 11 year old from foster care. We have been trying to conceive for 4 years now with no luck (although we could probably do a better job of trying). I have always wanted to adopt, so we started the process in 2020, were matched with him at the beginning of 2021, and we're hoping to finalize it sometime in March. We also love to travel and want to move to Germany one day. We have two dogs and two cats; husband is a software developer, and I quit my job in May, making me a housewife. We're somewhat frugal, but still buy stupid shit a lot of the time. LJ used to be my happy place, but then my friends all disappeared, and while we're friends on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, it's not the same as LJ.

As a side note, I also make dead dad jokes. Mine died when I was 14 (he was 41), and that's how I cope. I didn't know how to properly process it at the time. I do not think it's funny he's gone, or that anyone who has lost their father (or anyone they love) is funny - but, coping mechanism for my situation alone.

I'd love to have new friends on here, so if you think I sound cool (okay, not cool, but like you'd like to get to know me), add me!

Getting to know you

Name: Rustymarble

Age: 44

Sex: Female

Location: Delaware, US (previously Pennsylvania and DFW Texas)

How long have you been on LiveJournal? Since 2003, but stopped regular use around 2014 or so

What do you/will you write about? Everyday life as a stay-at-home Mom, former Human Resources drone, life with special needs kids, my medically weird body, random observations

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Engaged in conversation/interaction, or just cheerleader, interesting perspectives

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Nastiness, rudeness

Favorite films or TV shows: not much, currently catching up on “Call the Midwife”, watching “Snowpiercer”

Favorite books: Mostly fantasy, love Charles DeLint, Mercedes Lackey, Diana Gabaldon, Kim Harrison (listing authors cause they’re all prolific with lots of series)

Favorite foods: Vanilla and Cinnamon flavored things, hard to nail down a BIG favorite

Favorite drinks: Coffee…used to guzzle coke but quit the habit, trying to be better

Favorite bands and musicians: Absolutely love musicals (old & new), Paul Simon and Bette Midler are long time favorites, Sara Bareilles and Delta Rae are more recent obsessions

Hobbies and pastimes: I used to do needlework and tatting, really want to get into painting beyond the paint-alongs that I’ve done

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Waves hello

Name: Kat 

Age: 39 

Sex: Female 

Location: Georgia, USA 

How long have you been on LiveJournal? Since March 2001. I deleted my original account to start this one. This was started in April 2002. 

What do you/will you write about? Currently it's mostly my mental health struggles, healing from past stuff, daily life & observations. I would like to intersperse that with more regarding my writing works in progress, blog-type posts with themes of art/music/culture/politics sometimes. 

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Common interests, common values and worldview, depth and meaningful conversation, similar sense of humor (usually dark humor or absurdist) loyalty and trust. 

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? I once made a friend on here years ago and we interacted very well until I began journaling about my exploring religion and he shat all over it then went on to be very graphic about some things that he knew made me uncomfortable because I expressed as much. It's the only time I've ever deleted someone on here. Basically-- don't go out of your way to be a jerk about someone's spiritual journey. Or any journey, really. So long as you're not journaling about committing violent crimes, abuse of people, or only journaling about your hatred/anger based on bigotry or discrimination-- we're probably going to be just fine. I'm pretty accepting in general. 

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(no subject)

Name: Ashley
Age: 36
Sex: F
Location: South Louisiana
How long have you been on LiveJournal?: June 2003 (almost 20 years, NBFD)
What do you/will you write about?: Self-deprecating commentary on the world around me, food, southern culture, my crafts/projects, friendship, love.
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Someone confident, kind, and non-judgemental, uses or enjoys dark humor.
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them?: Teasing or judging me, using racist or sexist language or insinuating those ideas in any way.
Favourite films or TV shows: Pride and Prejudice, anything Disney (ENCANTO!!) Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, anything Ru Paul's Drag Race, Project Runway
Favourite books: Pride and Prejudice, absolutely everything by Jane Austen. The Awakening by Kate Chopin.
Favourite foods: Anything made from a potato. French-centric cooking. Southern cooking. A good baguette with olive oil and pepper. Mashed potatoes. Fresh peas with butter and mint. The perfect roasted chicken. My mom's nachos which aren't nachos at all (they're little mini tostadas).
Favourite drinks: Kombucha, tea, beer, water, juice, I love beverages. Sometimes I order multiple beverages at a restaurant.
Favourite bands and musicians: St Vincent, Soccer Mommy, Mitski, Regina Spektor, Solange, ABBA, any new music, I love to listen to popular radio. I really love everything.
Hobbies and pastimes: Drawing, painting (watercolor lately, I have a history with acrylic though), cooking, crochet and knitting, making jewelry, sewing, playing guitar (not so much these days), skating and roller-blading, wrapping presents, reading and writing, shopping!!!
How would you describe your style?: I have really interesting personal style and I don't feel like I should be ashamed of that, haha! I'd say my style is Spice Girls+Preppy+Crunchy/Hippie but most of the time I look like I'm trying to fulfill my thirteen year old 90s music video/main character in a rom-com fantasies. I like chokers and rings and headbands and scarves and hats. I like wearing childish things because it upsets people. Sometimes I wear all black. I'm very changeable but fashion is really important to me. I love to mix current trends with my own style, just for fun.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I just want to make some new internet friends because I'm getting older and I don't even know who I am anymore. I just want some like-minded people to talk with. I used to be a bartender for years and years but now I'm out of it. Then I was a private English tutor but my company went under. I feel like I've lived a whole different life before now, and I feel like I'm in the process of being reborn. Anyone else?


Let's do this

Name: Yamamanama
Age: 37
Location: Massachusetts
How long have you been on LiveJournal? Since my friend pressured me into it on February 15, 2006. I had a journal before that and I posted some of the highlights from that.
What do you/will you write about? Lately, concerts, museums, and weird retro video games. Occasionally food. Occasionally politics. Occasionally dogs. Back in the before times, I volunteered at a wildlife rehabber and I'd often sketch people in various places. I'm hoping to get back to those when/if the pandemic ends.
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Anyone, really.
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? I don't delete. Not adding is because internet etiquette broke my brain and I think friendship is something to reciprocate, not initiate. It's funny because I'm the opposite in real life.
Favourite films or TV shows: Final Space, Infinity Train, The Simpsons, Futurama, The Critic, Daria, Archer, Bob's Burgers, Home Movies
Favourite books: my favorite book I read last year was the Song of Phaid the Gambler by Mick Farren. A fun picaresque romp on a future Earth so wracked by climate change it became a sort of planetary romance.
Favourite foods: shawarma
Favorite artists: Nam June Paik (sculpture), Gustav Klimt (paint)
Favourite drinks: root beer and dr. pepper
Favourite bands and musicians: Cocteau Twins, Eyeless in Gaza, Radiohead, Claude Debussy
Hobbies and pastimes: art, music, video games, dogs.
How would you describe your style? stream of consciousness
Anything else you'd like to tell us? No.
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Another suggestion on how to revive LJ

From what I read in the description and first posts, the purpose of this community is to revitalize LJ. At least the English-speaking part of it.

And I see a lot of posts about people looking for new friends, which is great. If you have a tight-knit set of friends you are more likely to have fun here. What is missing though is bringing LJ's numbers up in general. I think LJ suffers from a case of being too insulated. A social network where nothing gets in and nothing gets out.

I would propose, that you try to post public entries at least sometimes. Both for potential friends to get a glimpse at who you are and for strangers to see and possibly become interested in LJ. (And if you visit a journal you are not friends with and it has public posts.... leave a comment!)

Then, if you want to revitalize LJ you could post links to LJ on other websites. Post links to your last post if you think you wrote a particularly interesting post. Tell your friends and family about your journal in general and offer to add them so they can read it. If you don't want to do those things, e.g. because you do not have any good posts, or because your journal is top secret....

How about posting links to communities? You don't even have to be a member of them.
Are you on a forum for writers of any kind? Post a link to therealljidol and tell the forum about a friendly writing competition starting this week!
Hear someone talking about a celebrity? Post a link to ohnotheydidnt or maybe to that celebrity's tag within the community.
Are you on a forum about vintage things? Post a link to vintage_ads...

You get the idea. Keep doing what you're doing but also help bring some fresh blood to the platform!

Somewhere down the line, I became real.

Name: Scarlet

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Location: South Florida 

How long have you been on LiveJournal? I had Live Journal back in maybe 2004? I was a huge fan of "UJournal" and then from one day to the next, the servers went down and never came back again. It was a significant event in my life when I lost my journal posts, my picture and my memories. 

What do you/will you write about? I usually vent. Seems like a healthier place than burdening friends with the constant topics of grieving, PTSD, work-related stress and just day to day life. I haven't yet, but I hope to start writing about games I'm playing such as W.O.W. or FFXIV raid progression or books I'm starting/working on. Oh, new years resolutions and how those go... after January is over of course... that's 2022's free trial. 

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Honestly, kindness, humour and willingness to learn. We aren't all old dogs that can't learn new tricks. I want to keep learning as much as I can. That doesn't mean I want to change my fundamental being but there's so much more out there and I need to try it all. 

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Someone treating an LJ friendship as a weird dating site situation, I'm here to meet good people who can read and understand my daily without necessarily being part of it. I also would like to be a support and friend to others who need it when they feel they're not getting it locally. We shouldn't feel alone. 

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(no subject)

Name: Ruthie
Age: 45
Sex: F
Location: Mid England
How long have you been on LiveJournal? Since 2004, I think, but this journal is new. I have had a few different handles.
What do you/will you write about? Normal stuff. Sometimes rant about work. Fandoms, art, fan fiction, marvel comics
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? People who enjoy art, fan fiction, different fandoms, marvel, Jeremy Renner, Hugh Jackman, and those who have a good sense of humour, who are not into creating drama. I would like to just make friends!
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? racists, homephobia, bullies or people who use LJ as a dating app to try and pick me up (its happened on other social media platforms too often for my liking).
Favourite films or TV shows: Almost anything Marvel related, Chicago Fire, Lost, 24, ER, Modern Family, Equalibrium, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Wind River, Velvet Goldmine, Trainspotting, The Crow and many many more.
Favourite books: It's easier to list my favorite authors: Anything written by Simon Clark, Richard Laymon, Dean Koontz, Jack Kerouac, Matt Fraction, Irvine Welsh just to name a few.
Favourite foods: Mexican, pizza, curry, shephards pie, ice cream and cookie dough
Favourite drinks: Coffee, Dr Pepper
Favourite bands and musicians: Too many to mention, I love a wide range of music, anything from Film scores to rock.
Hobbies and pastimes: Art, making gifs and icons, playing around in photoshop, digital art, writing fan fiction, reading and watching my favorite shows or movies.
How would you describe your style? I'm a little bit weird, but in the nicest way possible
Anything else you'd like to tell us? Maybe you just might like me if you give me a chance ;)

(no subject)

Name: Bierde Stone
Location: hollyweird
How long have you been on LiveJournal? '4
What do you/will you write about? scenes for the movie that will never get made
What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? writers
What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? undisciplined writers who abuse social media for their rants
Favourite films or TV shows: human centipede
Favourite books: screenwriting for the 21st century
Favourite foods: chicken
Favourite drinks: gin
Favourite bands and musicians: within temptation
Hobbies and pastimes: gardening
How would you describe your style? psychological
Anything else you'd like to tell us? Typewriters are a writer's best friend


Name: Pixel
Age: 32
Sex: Lady
Location: (Almost) the dead center of the US.
How long have you been on LiveJournal? YEARS. I joined back in 2003? I don't remember. I've been through quite a few journals.
What do you/will you write about? I will be completely honest and say I probably don't have too interesting of a journal lol. I ramble a lot of daily life, feelings toward current events, diy projects, crafts I make, hobbies, music and occasionally, I'll answer question "memes". I like to include photos of these subjects too. I'll also sometimes talk about video games. Unfortunately, I have to put this here too: I was diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety back in 2018. I'm an fallible human so these topics will come up here and there. I keep my depression/anxiety ramblings short though. I go to private posts if I'm really bothered by something.

What particular qualities do you look for in a friend? Kindness, compassion, understanding, and those who want to build a friendship! Creativity in a person is appreciated, but not a requirement.

What would cause you not to add someone as a friend, or to delete them? Honestly, I never know what kind of friendship I'm missing out on if I don't give everyone a chance. That said, I have deal-breakers, including trump supporters, racist people, bigots, LGBT-phobes and those who just like to gossip and say mean and untrue things about people, will either not get added or if I find out, will be deleted. (I live very strongly by "Treat people the way you want to be treated.") Always have and always will. Lastly, if I feel like someone is just lurking and not saying anything, I don't feel comfortable with that. I remove people who do that. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but after some mishaps before, I value privacy. I do sometimes post about personal stuff that I like to keep locked and private to my friends.

Favourite films or TV shows: I'm not huge into tv or movies, to be honest. We haven't had cable in 2 years and I haven't really felt like I was missing out. However, Blue Bloods has some wholesome episodes so I do enjoy watching it when we go to my parents house. I do enjoy paranormal tv shows too, such as Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Caught on Camera. I loved House MD when it was still airing too! Mainstream TV lost it's dazzle for me after House ended.

Favourite books: Not a big reader. I confess that I buy books with the hopes of reading them and I never read them lol.
Favourite foods: SUSHI. So much sushi. I also love a good and big filet mignon and even just a tender steak
Favourite drinks: Mountain Dew anything, otherwise I love coffee, sweet tea and matcha tea.
Favourite bands and musicians: I can't be expected to pick just a few lol. Music is a huge part of my life and can put into words some of my feelings when I can't find my own words. I'll name some songs and that'll give a good idea: Jericho by Celldweller, How Do You Love by Shinedown, I Was Wrong by Social Distortion, Crimson Day by Avenged Sevenfold, Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used, This Calling by All That Remains, No Matter What by Papa Roach, Miss Murder by AFI, Brand New Numb by Motionless in White, Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall, Punk Rock Show by MXPX and I've recently been listening to some from the lyrical synthwave genre. Scandroid (aka Celldweller) has been a favorite!

Hobbies and pastimes: To be fair, LJ is a favorite pasttime! I have so many hobbies that I have adopted the tag "Jack of all trades, but master of none.". I love sewing, jewelry making, graphic design, coding (html/css), writing and drawing. Not enough hours in the day for them all!

How would you describe your style? I own a lot of black clothes and clothing with skull print on it. I also own some neon colored clothing. I love and am most comfortable in hoodies, band shirts and leggings. So.....casual and comfortable metal head with cyber punk color vibes? Lol. I'm a weird case to define there. Me and jeans don't get along either. I want to re-gauge my ears to 14s soon and dye my hair a pink and blue combo -- in honor of my newfound love for synthwave/new retro music.

Anything else you'd like to tell us? I probably missed a lot of relevant "about me" tidbits, but it's 6am here lol. My eyes are heavy. If you'd like to know anything, please ask!
Edit: OH! I'm not huge into anime (or fandom/bandom for that matter) but I do watch some on VRV here and there. It's not a frequently talked about topic in my posts though.